Three Words About Shirlee’s

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In a Member Survey, we ask women what three words come to mind when they think of Shirlee’s. This Word Cloud above shows the responses we received so far.  We would love the hear what YOU think.  If you are a member of Shirlee’s gym, please take part in our survey.  It will only take a couple minutes.  Thank you for your support!

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Holiday Hours Sunday, April 20, for Easter

Easter Sunday

April 20, 2014

Shirlee’s will have special Holiday Hours

9 am – 1 pm

9 am Ultimate Cycle with Susan
11 am Yoga with Brenda

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Thank You to Our Cleaning Crew!



When it comes to working out in a gym, sometimes it’s the little things that matter most. Shirlee’s is conducting a Member Survey (click to participate.) As the survey responses starting coming in, we noticed one thing all members seem to agree on: Cleanliness matters.

We asked members to rate 24 different aspects of our gym as: most important; very important; important; not a big factor; or not a factor at all.  The quality that most members chose as most important was that our gym is “Clean and Classy.”

From the Grand Opening two years ago, Shirlee’s made a commitment to keep our facility absolutely spotless.  You may have noticed that one of our cleaning staff is always on hand, mopping the floors, wiping down equipment, scouring the bathrooms, and keeping everything looking and smelling fresh and clean.

We know our members see Shirlee’s as an oasis, a place where they can get away from the stress of jobs, family, and housework to concentrate on “Me Time.” Keeping the place super clean is just one way we make members feel like they are in a resort, not a chain gym.

So on behalf of the owners and the members, here’s a big THANK YOU to our hard working housekeeping staff: Blanca, Sylvia and Dinorah.  We really appreciate all you do to make Shirlee’s special.

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Spring into Summer



Swimsuits are hitting the stores already, and Summer is just a couple of months away. It’s the perfect time to step up your fitness routine so you look and feel your best when you hit the beach.

If you are already a member’s Shirlee’s, ask at the front desk about our small group classes and personal training specials.  And tell your friends to take advantage of our March Offer for a FREE 1-Week pass to give us a try. If you are not yet a member, please stop in for a tour and to learn more about what makes Shirlee’s the Ultimate Gym for Women.

The Inland Valley is beautiful in Spring, so now is the time to take advantage of our outdoor workout cabanas, our outdoor track and our outdoor pool. It’s also a good time to check out a new class. Shirlee’s offers a full schedule of classes from Aqua to Zumba. Try something new this month.

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Get Fit in 2014

2014musclewebHappy New Year Ladies!

As a member of the Ultimate Women’s Gym, you have the best facilities, best instructors and best trainers to help you meet your goals for the coming year. You also have the support of fellow members. Let’s all work together to GET FIT in 2014. Don’t be afraid to make resolutions.  We are here to help you keep them.

Learn more about our affordable Memberships and our special Valentine’s offer.



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Personal Training

Personal Training Rates
Before and After Profiles 

Invest in Yourself with Personal Training

Did you ever wonder if you should hire a personal trainer?  Motivation is high when women join a gym.  But for some, life gets in the way, and ­excuses take over.  “I need to stop off at the store. My kids are expecting dinner on the table.  I just don’t feel like it.  I’ll go tomorrow. What’s one workout? This is too hard . . . I’ll never succeed anyway! ” Before long, routine, resolve, and respect vanish.  Results never happen.  

Paying for one-on-one attention may seem extravagant at first. But many people find it money well spent, especially when they are first starting out.  Here’s what you need to know to decide if investing in personal training is worthwhile for you.

Personal trainers are experts who have been trained and certified to help you achieve your fitness goals. Trainers have the knowledge and skills needed to:

•    assess your current physical abilities
•    understand your lifestyle and personality
•    help you set fitness goals
•    develop a program personalized for your needs
•    ensure that your workouts are safe
•    tweak movements so you get the optimal results for your time
•    make sure you balance strength training, cardio, and flexibility
•    focus on specific areas most important to you
•    provide information about nutrition and encourage healthy eating
•    empower you to advance on your own
•    challenge you to work at your top level without burning you out
•    help you to develop positive workout habits
•    motivate you and give you the “extra push” you need to achieve your goals.

At Shirlee’s Fitness Club for Women, the Ultimate Women’s Gym, all our Master Tainers are experienced and certified.  But beyond that, we hire trainers with specific traits: Patience and listening skills; enthusiasm and the ability to keep you motivated; and respect for women of all shapes and sizes.  All our employees and independent contractors abide by a Code of Conduct that puts the client first.

To increase affordability and convenience, we offer several training options.  Our rates for personal training are reasonable. We even offer a special Introduction to Personal Training Package that allows you to try out training with a Shirlee’s Fitness Coach who is an apprentice trainer. This special introduces you to training at a very affordable price.   Our facilities include the best professional gym equipment, and your trainer or coach can show you how to use it correctly.  Many of our clients request a specific trainer they have met by taking a group class. Others get to know a trainer by observing them working with other clients.  You can also ask a manager to recommend a trainer.

Studies show that personal trainers make a difference in helping clients stick with an exercise program. Staying motivated, like anything else, is a habit you have to develop.  Some lucky people never need help.  But if you are not one of them, a personal trainer can get you started and help you keep momentum during the critical phase when you might otherwise give up.  When a trainer devises a routine tailor-made for you and helps you stick to it, you start to see results.  You look and feel better!  Results serve as positive reinforcement. After a few sessions, you discover that you do not want to miss your time at the gym. You become addicted to fitness. To learn more about investing in your health with personal training, please contact Dr. Konnie Vong at (909) 985-6400. See the results that personal training can help you achieve on our Before and After pages.

New Equipment for Training

Shirlee’s now has boxing equipment and TRX available for training!



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Shirlee’s Shop Opens

Get Your Shirlee’s Gear Here

Shirlee’s Shop is now open! We offer exclusive designs on t-shirts, bags, buttons, cups, water bottles, iphone cases, magnets, and a ton of other items through Zazzle. What’s cool about Zazzle is that their products are not massed produced, so you are in control of how you customize your item.

Tees range from a basic value tee to a variety of fitted woman’s styles to tanks, hoodies, and even kids and baby tees. Some designs work well on a white background, others can be placed on dark shirts. A ton of colors are offered. Most designs allow you to further customize your shirt by adding your own text.

Because each item is custom made, Zazzle’s starting price is sometimes a little higher, but the good news is that they often have coupon codes. The best way to find a current code is to Google “Zazzle Coupon Code.”

If you want to be informed of sales, put your email in the “Exclusive Offers” box at the bottom of the Zazzle page. They will not share your email, but they will send you great coupon codes!

We are opening Shirlee’s Shop with some retro designs. Designs are by our webmaster, who is a Shirlee’s member. If you have an idea for a design, or want a design on a certain product, please let us know. We will be adding new designs, so check back soon.

By the way, Zazzle is a great place to make your own custom products . . . great for the holidays. If you buy more than one item per year from Zazzle, you should check out Zazzle Black, which lets you ship free for a year for $9.95.





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Shirlee’s Video on Yelp



A video showcasing Shirlee’s Fitness Club for Women in Upland is now up on Yelp. Thank you to all our staff and all our members who helped to show the world the ultimate gym for women! Check out the Shirlee’s Yelp video.   Thanks also to all our members who have posted reviews. We encourage you to share your own review on Yelp.

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We Welcome Feedback



One of our New Year’s resolutions this year is to listen to our members. Your feedback helps us to improve. We invite you to communicate with us in a number of ways.

Suggestion Box: Shirlee’s has a suggestion box near the front desk. Take a form and fill it out to let us know how we are doing.  Please take a few moments to let us know what you like best, and how you think we can improve.

Front Desk: Stop by the front desk at any time to talk to a manager. We will always have someone on hand to listen to your ideas.

Email: We welcome feedback via email.  If you love your class instructor, please let us know and we will pass along the praise!  If you have a suggestion for
improvement, we will do what we can to accommodate your request.  We will reply to all emails.

Facebook: Like us on Facebook, and you can post on our page.  You will also see the latest Shirlee’s news, inspirational quotes, and messages from other members.

We are the Ultimate Women’s Gym in the Inland Valley in large part because of input from members. So please continue to help us improve in the coming year.  Sing the praises of your favorite instructor.  Tell us what classes you would like to see us add.  Let us know if you see a problem that needs correcting. We welcome your rant and raves and appreciate your support.

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