Help Us Choose A Hero to Honor



Shirlee’s Ultimate Gym for Women announces an essay contest to choose someone to honor with an Upland Hero’s Banner.  The Upland Adopt-A-Soldier Military Banner Program raises money for banners to be hung throughout the City of Upland to recognize our men and women who serve in the military and protect our country. It is run by volunteers and all banners are purchased and placed using the donations received.  Each banner costs $225 to sponsor.

Shirlee’s is asking our members to help us choose an Upland resident serving in the military that we will sponsor.  If you know of someone you would like to nominate, please write a short essay of no more than 500 words about this service member and email it to or submit at the front desk before May 15, 2016.

As a sponsor, Shirlee’s will receive recognition in the Upland Today quarterly newsletter, acknowledgement at a City Council meeting, a certificate of recognition, and a letter stating the name of the military person we sponsor.  In addition, the name of the gym will appear at bottom of our banner. The military family will receive a letter stating that our gym sponsored their loved one’s banner.  We think the banner program is a wonderful opportunity to show Shirlee’s support of our community members who protect our country. 

We want your input on choosing someone to honor.  If you need help in writing an short essay, please talk to someone at the front desk.  Thank you for your support.

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Save the Date: Upland Relay for Life Sat May 21



We are so proud of our members for helping us to sponsor a ShirleeStrong Team at the Upland Relay for Life in the past couple of years. Together we raised more than $1,00o each year.  This year the Upland Relay for Life will be held on Saturday, May 21 in Magnolia Park. Please put this event on your calendars. And check back here on our website, our FB page, and at the front desk in the coming weeks for more information on how you can donate and participate.  THANK YOU, LADIES!  You are awesome.

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Member Appreciation: Mini Facial Event March 17


Shirlee’s would not be what it is today without our fabulous members. We want to thank you for your support by offering you the chance to get a free mini facial from Kiehl’s. Spots are limited so please sign up at the front desk. The event will take place on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, from 9 am to 6 pm.  We will also be having a Lorna Jane trunk sale that day so you can shop for quality activewear right here at Shirlee’s.

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Shirlee’s February Newsletter: Heart Health Tips


February is Heart Health Month.

Ladies, did you know that the number one cause of death in women is heart disease? Your heart is your hardest working muscle. You need to take care of it! Here’s tips to keep in mind.

Know Your Heart
Monitor your heart health and especially your blood pressure. High BP is known as “the silent killer” because there are no obvious symptoms. Hypertension can cause stroke, heart failure, heart attack and kidney failure. Get a check-up from your doctor at least once a year, and invest in a blood pressure cuff to test yourself on a regular basis. Amazon sells blood pressure cuffs. About 1 in 3 Americans have high BP. Find out if you are one of them.

Do anything physical that keeps your heart rate up for 30 minutes—or 20 minutes if it’s high intensity—5 days a week. Check out our class list and try Aqua, Spin, Zumba. The camaraderie and regular schedule of a class may help you to stick to a routine. If you can’t make a class, use our cardio room, track or pool on your own. We have free wifi.

Keep Active
In your daily activities, try to sneak in movement. Skip the elevator for the stairs. Park your car far on purpose. Get up and pace in the waiting room or while stating in line. Don’t sit hours at your desk, build in breaks. Every movement helps.

Eat Right
Your heart needs the right kind of nourishment. Eat moderate amounts, and make healthy choices.

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Nuts, seeds, and legumes

For more tips on how to eat right, the National Institute of Health recommends the DASH diet for lowering blood pressure. Check out this best-selling book: The DASH Diet, Weight Loss Solution.

Be Mindful and Chill Out
We all know stress is bad for the heart. Throughout the day, take a deep breath, and when you exhale, visualize the stress leaving your body. Schedule time at the gym and doing other things you love . . . don’t put it at the bottom of the to-do list. Leave your struggles behind for an hour. Let your mind/body/spirit  connect. Try one of our yoga classes. You will be amazed how much yoga can teach you how to relax in your everyday life.

Studies show that the body repairs itself when we sleep. Your heart rate and blood pressure go down. Check out this Fact Sheet on Sleep from for information on why women have a hard time getting sleep and what to do about it.

Friendship and Flow
Women tend to put others first. And that’s OK . . . as long as you develop friendships and enjoy hobbies. Carve out time each week to engage in a hobby or activity that lets your mind be in the flow. For some this might be painting or playing music or writing, for others it might be performing a challenging exercise like golf or tennis. The point is to become completely focused and concentrated so that the rest of life disappears for a while. Studies and recent books show being in the flow is a key to happiness and health.

Back to Nature
Take a hike in the mountains, plan a trip to the beach. Being outside connects you with nature, gives you natural light, and puts you in a better mood, all of which helps the heart. Our local mountains have lots of trails for hiking, so check this link.

Give Back
Open your heart to others. We invite you to join one of the many worthy causes our ShirleeStrong program supports. Think of heart health month as a time to focus on strengthening your physical heart, and also the heart that cares for friends, family, and community.

We hope you found these reminders about a healthy heart helpful!

Here’s some other updates about the club.

Tell your Friends and Family: Shirlee’s offers a discount for new members who like us on FB. If you have friends who might be interested in joining, share our Valentine’s specials for new members. And ask at the front desk about a guest pass so they can learn firsthand about what makes us the Ultimate Women’s Gym.

Relay for Life May 21: Shirlee’s will once again have a team at the Upland Relay for Life to raise money to fight cancer. Last year we met our goal and raised $5,000. Please mark your calendars for this event and watch for ways you can help our community be ShirleeStrong.

Meet Our Trainers: Shirlee’s certified trainers provide positive encouragement while guiding you in safe and effective workouts. Learn more about our training team. Call (909) 985-6400 for more information.

Corporate Memberships: Do you own a local business? Help your employees and their families get in great shape at a discount. Ask about our corporate membership program.

Get Your Shirlee’s Gear Here: Visit the Shirlee’s Zazzle Shop for cute t-shirts, water bottles, hats, and more. Show your love for the Ultimate Women’s Gym. We also have a limited supply of merchandise at the front desk.

Special Hours on Easter: On Easter 3/27 (Sun) we will be open 8am-1pm.

Suggestions: We want feedback from members. Help us in our goal to be the Ultimate Women’s Gym! Please let us know both your raves and rants! If one of our instructors or trainers has made your day, please let us know. If you see something that needs to be improved, pass that along as well. We have a suggestion box in the gym and we welcome you to talk to one of our managers or email us at

Spa: Did you know Shirlee’s has a spa where you can get a relaxing massage?  When you meet a goal, reward yourself. We also have gift certificates for easy giving so if someone asks you what you want for your birthday, just point them to our spa website page.

Thank You: Shirlee’s members recently raised $1,000 for local seniors. Our members met the goal of raising enough to send Konnie Over the Edge for Community Senior Services. Thanks to all those who donated. This group always need volunteers, so if you are interested see the CSS website to learn more.

Reminder: Annual Maintenance Fee of $24 is due on 3/15/16 for those to whom this applies. Fees will be use to improve the pool area, parking lot and equipment.

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Happy New Year from Shirlees!

We have a beautiful gym here at Shirlee’s If you are not already a member, we invite you to check us out in this 90 second video (embedded from Youtube) . Then stop by for a tour and a FREE pass. Make 2016 your year to get fit! Happy New Year to all our members, instructors, trainers, and staff. Thank you for supporting Shirlee’s and each other!

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Over the Edge for Seniors

OverTheEdgeEvent0033-SShirlee’s members helped push gym owner Konnie Vong over the edge of a 10-story building . . .  but don’t worry, it was all in the name of a good cause!

Community Senior Services (CSS), a local nonprofit, celebrated 40 years of helping local seniors with a fundraising challenge. Donors who contributed $1,000 got the chance to rappel down the 10-story Ontario Airport Hotel. Shirlee’s members helped Konnie reach her goal, and she was one of the first of 75 people to rappel the building on Saturday, December 5, 2015.

CSS helps seniors by providing volunteers, information, resources and communities. “I am proud of the members who supported me by donating to Community Senior Services so that I could rappel,” said Vong. “We were happy to support such a worthy nonprofit that serves local seniors.” Shirlee’s supports a number of causes throughout the year as part of the gym’s ShirleeStrong outreach to the community.

See the slide show of the rappel below.

CSS is planning to hold another Over the Edge event next year.  If you are interested in rappelling or becoming a volunteer through CSS, please contact them through the information below. CSS can match your time and talents with local ­seniors in need.

Community Senior Services
141 Spring Street
Claremont, CA 91711

Community Senior Services serves the West San Gabriel Valley and adjacent San Bernardino County communities of:


Chino Hills
Diamond Bar
La Verne
Rancho Cucamonga
San Dimas
West Covina


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Help Seniors, and send Konnie over the Edge

OTE Konnie

Neighbors helping neighbors. That’s sometimes all it takes to keep seniors in their homes and communities as they grow older.  Connecting seniors with people, information, resources and communities is the mission of a local non-profit, Community Senior Services. CSS is celebrating 40 years of service with an unusual fundraiser: Over the Edge. Donors who contribute $1,000 will rappel off the 10-story Ontario Airport Hilton Hotel.

Shirlee’s owner Konnie Vong has accepted the challenge and is asking members to raise $1,000 so that she can donate and rappel on our behalf.  Please help by dropping off a few dollars at the front desk in the next couple weeks.  The event takes place on Saturday, December 5 at the Ontario Hilton Hotel.

Rappelling will be a thrill for Konnie, and she will be thinking of our support as she looks out at the sky, holds onto her rope, and makes her way safely down.

Shirlee’s is all about fitness of mind, body and spirit. Joining together and giving back not only helps seniors in need, it also creates a sense of community and empowerment among ourselves.  Thank you for your generosity.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer through CSS, please contact them through the information below. CSS can match your time and talents with local ­seniors in need.

Community Senior Services
141 Spring Street
Claremont, CA 91711

Community Senior Services serves the West San Gabriel Valley and adjacent San Bernardino County communities of:


Chino Hills
Diamond Bar
La Verne
Rancho Cucamonga
San Dimas
West Covina

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Power of Pink


Whoever said pink is for sissies?  Not at Shirlee’s Ultimate Women’s Gym! On Sat., October 17 a sea of pink-clad ladies jumped and danced in the sun like Energizer Bunnies at the gym’s Third Annual Party in Pink Zumbathon and Blood Drive, an event that raises money for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Awarenss campaign and for breast cancer research at the City of Hope.

Several of Shirlee’s talented and energetic Zumba instructors took turns leading the enthusiastic crowd:


  • Lisa Padilla
  • Martha Keates
  • Tracy Cruz
  • Becky Frost
  • Bre Yakemonis
  • Marisol Baez
  • Sandra Torres

Funds raised from a $15 entrance fee went to Susan B. Komen and funds from $10 raffle ticket sales went to City of Hope.  The combined total was $3,000.

“I am so proud of our members for coming out to support our Party in Pink!” said gym owner Konnie Vong. “Our power is in our connection with each other. And as a team we raised a significant amount of money.”

In addition to raising money, the event also collected blood for City of Hope.  A mobile van collected donations from 30 people.

The Zumbathon/Blood Drive event included vendors offering special discounts and a taco truck with fantastic food.  Shirlee’s partnered with many local businesses to provide raffle prizes.

Christy Passoth, the winner of 2012 Beauties of America 60, spoke about how important it is for women to advocate for their own health and not put off breast cancer screenings.

Watch a one-minute video on our Party in Pink.


Shirlee’s acknowledges our sponsors and others who contributed to the success of party in Pink.


Sunset Tan
Golden Spoons
Pomona Mining Company
Smash Box
Skin Perfect Sonia Martinez
Golden Skin and Nails Spa
The Refresh Bar and Spa
Hair by Heather Taylor
Bert and Rocky’s Ice Cream
AMC Movie Theater
Dr. Martha V. Saucedo DDS
Carol and Richard Anderson
Kristine Dutra
Tracy Cruz
Mary Lamb
Jojo Terzano
Bre Yakemonis
National RAM Business Systems
Dr. Konnie Vong, LAc
Travis Carney
Power Pros Electric Company
El Cerritos Mexican Restaurant
Lorna Jane
De Marie Bottai
La Paloma
Emily Stevenson
Helen Rico
Jan Luke
Limericks Tavern
Christie Passoth
Sandy Abesedos
Yvonne Maldonado
Kathy Chevalier
Britney Degen



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Facebook Special for New Members

Thinking about joining Shirlee’s Ultimate Fitness Club?  Like us on Facebook and receive a special discount!



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