Shirlee’s Closing April 15: Farewell and Thank You


Shirlee’s Members,

As you know, Shirlee’s Gym has been working on finding a buyer for the gym, but it is with great sadness that I must inform you that the potential buyers decided not to complete the sale.  The last day Shirlee’s Ultimate Women’s Gym will be open is April 15, 2023.  We have made arrangements for all of members to continue their last two weeks of April at Fitness Results and Body Rituals, both located in Upland. We will have a class schedule posted there. 

We will be selling all the equipment and furnishings in the gym, so if you are interested in anything, contact Konnie as soon as possible.  Everything must go by April 15, 2023.

We will no longer draft your membership as of May 1, 2023, we will contact you in regards to pre-paid membership and personal training sessions.

I want to personally thank all of our team members and our loyal members for all of the years of support! 

If you have any questions or concerns, ask at the front desk or email me at [email protected].  



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Shirlee’s Ultimate Women’s Gym Closing April 15, 2023

Shirlee’s Ultimate Women’s Gym will be closing April 15, 2023. We are in discussions with a potential buyer and will keep members informed as we know more.  For the past 12 years, Shirlee’s has provided women in the Inland Valley with a supportive all-women gym. Many of our members have been here since the beginning and even before, when the gym was The Spa, Fitness for Women.  On behalf of our dedicated staff and instructors, I thank members for their support throughout the years, especially when facing difficult challenges presented by the pandemic. I’ve met fabulous women at Shirlee’s, and it has been my privilege to be part of the Shirlee’s community.

Why is the gym closing?
COVID disrupted the success of many small businesses and Shirlee’s was no exception. With support from our staff and our members, we managed to stay afloat, for which I am proud and grateful. Running a small business takes tremendous commitment even in the best of times. I enjoy meeting challenges, however due to personal health-related issues, I need to step back and focus on my health and recovery.

Will the gym stay in business under new ownership?
Over the past few months, I sought out potential buyers, and have been in negotiations with a potential buyer who would like to keep the gym open and honor the memberships of existing members. We were hopeful that a deal would be finalized by the end of March, however that has not happened. So at this time we are uncertain if the gym will be sold.  Because of my personal health situation, I cannot delay closing the gym.  So regardless of whether we have a buyer or not, Shirlee’s last day will be April 15, 2023. 

What happens if I paid in advance for a year?
For members who paid in advance, we will contact you regarding your membership.

What do members need to do if they are on monthly autopay?
There will be no further autopay deductions starting in May.

Is there another gym I can use the last two weeks of April?
Shirlee’s has made arrangements with two nearby gyms in Upland for our members to have 2 weeks complimentary from April 15 to April 30: Fitness Results and Body Rituals.  For more information, ask at the front desk.

If there is a buyer, will the gym be all women?
At first, the new owner may keep the gym all-women, but he may change that in the future.

If there is a new buyer, what changes will be made?
The potential owner plans to renovate and make improvements.  We hope to learn more in the coming weeks.

I have concerns or questions.  How can I learn more?
As we know more, we will post information in the gym and email members.  If you have additional questions, please email konnie at [email protected] 

Thank you again for your support over the years. I know that for many women, this gym has been a supportive place to work out, meet friends, and stay strong in mind, body, and soul. Change can be challenging.  Shirlee’s has been a big part of my life, and I look forward to keeping in touch with many of you.

Sincerely, Konnie

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April Schedule

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SoCal Gas Hikes and Heating the Pool in Winter


As you may know, the price of SoCal Gas has skyrocketed in recent weeks, causing gas bills to triple. Shirlee’s Gym, like many residents and businesses must find ways to cut back gas usage during this time. As a result, starting February 1, for a couple of months until the weather gets warmer, Shirlee’s will stop heating the pool and the jacuzzi. Aqua class starting Feb 1 will be cancelled until further notice. The pool will not be warm, but it is still open for use if you desire. We understand this will be a disappointment to our many loyal pool users, but heating the pool during the cold weeks of the winter is not feasible at current cost. We apologize for the inconvenience, and we understand the magnitude of this decision—however we feel that this is a necessary move at this time. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact [email protected] or [email protected] in regards to this matter. Thank you.

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January and February 2023 Schedules


Happy New Year!  Here is the schedule for January.  And below that is for February.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month



October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Shirlee’s ultimate Women’s Gym is hosting an opportunity drawing to raise money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  A $5 donation gets you a chance to win a 3-month membership as well as a breast cancer awareness necklace. Anyone can make a donation to get a ticket (members and non-members alike) during October. The drawing will be held November 1.  All processed to benefit the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Ask at the front desk for details. 

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May 2022 COVID Update

As a women’s gym, Shirlee’s is committed to helping members and staff stay healthy. We also abide by all state and country rules regarding COVID. 

Here are our updated rules as of May, 1 2022.  We no longer required masks indoors regardless of your vaccination status. We encourage you to wear mask if you are immuno-compromised. We encourage you to use the spray bottle to clean before and after usage of the equipment. We encourage you to wash hands or sanitize hands frequently. If you are not feeling well, we advise you to stay home and seek medical attention. If an instructor or employees tests positive, we may close the club or cancel the class until further notice. If you test positive, please inform the manager so we can encourage members and staff to get tested as well. We acknowledge that Covid-19 is a serious illness, and we hope no one needs to endure this if we do our best to protect to our members and employees. We appreciate your support. If we need to make any further changes and updates we will make another announcement. 

Class Reservations are required at this time, please call or use our members app to book your class.

Pool reservation is no longer required, however please check the Aqua Class schedule to plan your next pool visit.

Sauna and Jacuzzi (tbd) is open.  Please be courteous and limit your time to 10 mins at a time so other members can enjoy it as well. 

For all membership general inquiries, renewals or any questions please call us at (909) 985-6400 to schedule an appointment or email [email protected].

If you are interested in coming for a tour, please call us to schedule an appointment. 

Day pass is $50. (Club Access only- classes are not included)

Class Pass is $25 per class (No club access) 

All non-members, please call and plan your visit prior to coming to the gym. Class are subject to change due to availability, club closure due to unknown circumstances. Please note that any purchase of day pass, class pass or general membership is non-refundable. 

Club Hours:

Monday 6:30am-8pm

Tue 8am-8pm

Wed 6:30am-8pm

Thu 8am-8pm

Fri 6:30am-3pm

Sat 8am-3pm

Sunday  Closed


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10-Year Anniversary Specials!

anniversary 2022 logo

Celebrate 10 Years of Ultimate Fitness at Shirlee’s in Upland!

Shirlee’s Fitness is pleased to announce our 10-Year Anniversary in June 2022.  We will celebrate with New Member Specials, so if you have been thinking about joining, now is the perfect time!  

We will have a free gift to the first 200 members who join starting on May 1.

Anniversary Special Prices good for limited time only. 

$10 to Join with a one-year contract
$65/ month without classes
$75/ month with classes
Subject to $24 Annual Maintenance fees

Available to the first 1K new members

Call (909) 985-6400 for more information or stop by for a tour.  Join now and look better, feel better, be better.  



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Local Business Networking Opportunity

networking art


Members:  Do you own a local business? Or do you know a business you would like to support?  Shirlee’s is offering a networking opportunity in conjunction with our 9th anniversary in June.  We will be offering gift bags to members with coupons and samples from local businesses.  If you know of a business that might want to participate, please contact Konnie at (909) 985-6400 or [email protected] 

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