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The Power of Three Helps Women Achieve Their Goals

Fear of failure stops many women from even starting a fitness program. They don’t think they can ever achieve their goals, so they don’t even try. If this sounds like you, then consider the successes of these ladies.


The secret for these women? Hiring a personal trainer and using the Power of Three: combining cardio, strength training, and nutrition.


Konnie always dreamed of getting in shape enough to compete in a bodybuilding show. She thought it would help her gain confidence and self-control. Once she hired a personal trainer and used the Power of Three her dream came true.

It took Konnie eight months to drop 35 pounds. Her personal trainer designed a custom  diet plan, and they met three times a week to work out. She was amazed at how quickly she met her goals . . . and how her new body gave her a new outlook.

“This journey actually inspired to me to write my doctorate dissertation about personal training with acupuncture,” she notes. “I’ve used my personal experience to train and inspire others to lose weight because I know what it takes to get there.”

As Specialized Fitness Trainer at Shirlee’s, Konnie helps clients lose weight and get in shape to the fitness competition level.


Like Konnie, Soha is another Shirlee’s fitness professional who has her own story to tell.  Soha struggled on her own to slim down and shape up. It all came together when she hired a personal trainer who helped her combine cardio, diet and strength training. With the Power of Three, Soha got in shape, and just as important, kept in shape. Thrilled with her own results, she now now helps other women meet their goals by teaching them about the Power of Three.