Class Instructors

Group Exercise Instructors

Shirlee’s Fitness Club for Women offers the classes you want most at a variety of times so you can take the class you want when you want.

Classes take place indoors, outdoors, and in the heated pool. Shirlee’s offers a vast array of classes each week. All Shirlee’s instructors are certified and experienced working with women. Shirlee’s instructors make classes fun . . . so you look forward to exercise.

Thank you to all of our employees for helping making Shirlee’s the best gym for women in in the Inland Empire!

Mayra Antunez, Certified SFC Spin, AS in Child Development, CPR/AED

Linda Belvedere, AEA certified and American Sports and Fitness Assoc personal training certified, Certified Kettle Bell, CPR/AED

Tracy Cruz, Certified Zumba Toning, Zumba, Zumbatomic, Certified TRX, NCEP Personal Training, ACE Aerobic and Step, CPR/AED

Jerry Dominski, AEA, aquatic options (special populations, post-rehab fitness training, CPR/AED

Paulette Eaton, Certified ISSA , Certified BI Yoga Training, CPR/AED

Becky Frost, Certified Zumba, NCEP Personal Training, AFAA Aqua Fitness, CPR/AED

Rita Gay, RYS, AHA, HS, SFC Group Exercise, CPR/AED

Martha Keates, Certified Zumba, CPR/AED

Annette McCaulley, Keiser M3 Certified Spin Instructor, SFC Personal Training, Certified TRX, CPR/AED

Lisa Padilla, Certified Zumba, UCRUNCH Yoga Body Sculpt, Zumba Toning, CPR/AED

Jill Stewart, AFAA-Group Exercise, Certified Zumba, Certified Pound, CPR/AED



Shirlee’s just raised the bar on Group Exercise!