Thank You to Our Cleaning Crew!



When it comes to working out in a gym, sometimes it’s the little things that matter most. Shirlee’s conducted a Member Survey recently, and as the survey responses starting coming in, we noticed one thing all members seem to agree on: Cleanliness matters.

We asked members to rate 24 different aspects of our gym as: most important; very important; important; not a big factor; or not a factor at all.  The quality that most members chose as most important was that our gym is “Clean and Classy.”

From the Grand Opening two years ago, Shirlee’s made a commitment to keep our facility absolutely spotless.  You may have noticed that one of our cleaning staff is always on hand, mopping the floors, wiping down equipment, scouring the bathrooms, and keeping everything looking and smelling fresh and clean.

We know our members see Shirlee’s as an oasis, a place where they can get away from the stress of jobs, family, and housework to concentrate on “Me Time.” Keeping the place super clean is just one way we make members feel like they are in a resort, not a chain gym.

So on behalf of the owners and the members, here’s a big THANK YOU to our hard working housekeeping staff: Blanca, Sylvia and Dinorah.  We really appreciate all you do to make Shirlee’s special.

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