Goodbye Crowded Gym

Shirlee’s to Cap Membership

Have you ever been to a gym where you spent more time waiting for equipment than you did working out? Or took a yoga class where you had to position your mat like a puzzle piece? Maybe you even got bumped by an elbow in Zumba?

Overcrowding at a gym can be frustrating, if not downright dangerous. Many women with 8-5 jobs find that early morning and after-work hours can be like rush hour on the freeway: no fun. That’s why Shirlee’s Fitness Club for Women has made a decision to limit new memberships.

Capping membership means higher quality service for our members and ensures that time at the gym is productive and enjoyable. Once our cap is reached, prospective members will be placed on a waiting list.

I, for one, am thrilled to hear about this policy. Many years ago I got hired at a job that included free membership at LA Fitness. I was excited when I got my membership card through my HR dept and headed over after work. To my dismay the place was a zoo. I could hardly find a place to park in the lot, and when I got inside I had to wait to try any equipment. The gym was crawling with sweaty men and women vying for a spot. I was totally intimidated. I tried it one more time with the same result and never went back.

Another thing that makes me happy about the new Shirlee’s is that it will be committed to offering a higher number of classes than most gyms. Shirlee’s will be offering more than 60 classes a week—that’s double the number of most gyms. Classes make exercise more fun and keep me coming back on a regular basis. I look forward to taking Zumba and Step again and trying out Cycling and Bokwa. And balancing it all with Yoga. Like many former Spa members, I am really missing my gym. The wait is hard. But I am happy to hear about many of the new policies will ensure Shirlee’s is even better.


Kim Peasley
Spa Member since 1998

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