Gym Re-Opening Phase 2

Re-opening Phase 2 (Red Tier)

Dear Shirlee’s Fitness Club Members:

As of March 14, 2021, The County and State Health Department Guidelines have moved us to Red Tier. We are now allowed 10% Maximum Capacity inside of our club and you must wear your mask at all time while working out inside. Everything else remains the same. 

New Gym Protocols- Phase 2 (Red Tier) Reopening Plan

Temporary Club Hours:
Mon- Fri 8 am-1 pm,  5 pm-9 pm
Sat 8 am-1 pm
Sun Closed

Lockers/ Changing Rooms/ Showers/ Sauna/ Jacuzzi remain off limit until further notice. Mass gatherings are prohibited, so we will implement maximum occupancy per room and maximum visitors per allocated session, and there will be no aqua classes or indoor classes until further notice. 

Personal Training is available and is subject to the Trainer’s availability. Please contact the Front Desk if you have any questions regarding PT sessions or your membership. We will continue to offer online virtual classes and outdoor classes until further notice. We must continue to practice social distancing and wear face masks at all times unless you are outside. We recommend that you consult your doctor prior to coming to the gym based on your health concerns. 

Due to the high cost of sanitation protocols, we are implementing a Sanitation Fee of $10 per month to all members. The Sanitation Fee will be collected at your first visit to the gym for the month. It will be collected at the gym and it will not be charged automatically to your account. If you currently have financial hardship, please let the manager know so  we can assist you with this matter. 

We are doing everything we can to minimize the Covid19 infections to protect you, our members, and our employees.. With your cooperation and understanding, we will deliver a clean, safe and healthy environment. 

It is essential that we follow these guidelines given by the local health authorities. We will make further adjustments and changes going forward to Phase 3 and 4.

Here is our Phase 2 Reopening Plan:

  • Step 1.  Set up a Gym Time Reservation; You can call (909) 985-6400 or go to Shirlee’s App/ Online  Our Temporary Hours are M-F from 8 am-1 pm, 5 pm-9 pm. Sat 8 am-1 pm. Sunday- Closed. Your max gym session is 1.5 hours per day. Please note that we will implement a No Show Policy; if you book a gym appointment  or a PT session and you cannot make it and you did not cancel it, you are subject to a $10 fee or be charged for a session. Guests are not allow to workout during Phase 2 Reopening Plan, the gym is reserved for the Members only. We will re-evaluate in Phase 3 Reopening Plan once we get the up-to-date CDC guidelines. 
  • Step 2.  Shower/ Sterile/ Sanitize Hands. We recommend that you shower at home and wear clean clothes prior to coming to the gym. Bring your face mask and wear it when you are in a common area. Always practice social distancing when necessary and sanitize and wash your hands often. This is a mindful habit to respect our members and employees, and to help prevent potential infection. Please do not bring in outside food or drinks—leave them in your car. We will provide you sanitation spray, towels and water. If you need to make special arrangements, please inform the manager and we will assist with your needs. 
  • Step 3.  Pre-Health Screen- Cough/ Sniffles/ Fever/ Temp Check. We will take your temperature prior entering to the gym. If we find you coughing during your visit, we will ask you to go home and seek medical attention. 
  • Step 4.  Pick up towels and disinfectant spray in the designated area. You are required to clean all equipments prior and after usage including dumbbells, straps, balls or anything that you use to exercise with. 
  • Step 5. At the end of your visit, please dispose towels and bottles in the designated area and sanitize your hands prior to exiting the gym.

These protocols are designed to protect members and employees. We want to be sure that we did everything we can to provide you a clean, safe, healthy gym experience. It is hard to make these changes in this unprecedented time, but we feel that it’s better to be safe than sorry.  Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or concerns. Thank you for your support. 

Please note that the Club hours, Class Schedule and any other necessary mandates are subject to change at any given notice. 

Social Distancing Max Occupancy Phase 2

Cardio Room
Max 2

Group X Room
Max 2

Circuit Training Room
Max 2

Spin Room
Max 2

PT 1 Room
Max 2

PT 2 Room
Max 2

Strength Room
Max 2

Max 4

No pool equipments, chairs or lounging chair, Sauna and Jacuzzi and is closed until further notice. 


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