Healthier, Happier: Jessica


Jessica’s Own Words

I want to start off by thanking Shirlee’s, without it I doubt I would have even started on this path to a healthier and happier lifestyle.  The fact that this is an all-women’s gym really helped push me to go. I went for my first workout at Shirlee’s the same day I got my membership, and have continued to go  5 to 6 days a week since. Being actually excited about going to the gym is a great change for me. The atmosphere is very welcoming and everyone that works at Shirlee’s has been so helpful. They go out of their way to really help each and every member. There have been times while working out in the weight room that trainers approach me just to give helpful tips or better positioning.

I have really struggled with my weight the past couple of years, having the attitude of ‘why try?’—indulging in the pastas and sweets (which have always been my Achilles’ heel) and honestly doing no exercise whatsoever. I decided in June that I would try out Shirlee’s and stop making excuses for myself. Since starting with Shirlee’s I really feel better and have so much more energy. So far I have dropped 19 lbs in four months with a combination of choosing healthier foods and going to Shirlee’s as much as I can.

One of my favorite spots to work out is outside in the outdoor fitness center. It’s so nice being able to go to the gym and have such a great variety of settings to work out in, all in one place. I will not stop this weight loss journey, it’s become more of a lifestyle now.


Thank you, Jessica, for sharing your story and encouraging others.

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