Muscle Beach Vintage Swimsuit Competition Inspires Fitness Journey

Muscle Beach Vintage Swimsuit Competition Inspires Fitness Journey
Shirlee’s Ultimate Women’s Gym in Upland is proud to announce that two of our members placed in the Vintage Swimsuit Class at the Muscle Beach Competition held in Venice Beach, CA, on July 4, 2019. Jennifer Stockton, 56, of Claremont (right in photo) and Darcie Bredeen, 36, of Upland (left) both received medals. It was the first time either had competed in a fitness competition.  Both have been working out and training for the competition at Shirlee’s Ultimate Women’s Gym in Upland since the first of the year. 
The competition for physique type “fit and curvy” requires two poses, “flirty” and “over the shoulder,” while wearing a vintage style swimsuit circa the 1940s and 1950s. Accessories such as hats, gloves, sunglasses, and vintage jewelry are allowed.  “I like the style and thought it would be a fun way to celebrate exceeding my goals,” said Jennifer Stockton, who lost 40 lbs., toned her muscles, and gained confidence over the past six months of training at Shirlee’s Gym.  
“I’ve wanted to compete in figure or bikini for about 12 years now—before I got married I was close at one point, but life happens,” said Darcie Bredeen. “Then I learned about the Vintage Swimsuit Class at Muscle Beach, and I knew that it was more realistic for me to compete in a class that requires the girls to be ‘fit and curvy.’ I still had to work hard, and the confidence was not always there, but I did this competition to prove to myself that I can work hard even when life gets in the way and the results will come with the work I put it.”
“Everyone at Shirlee’s Gym is proud of these two amazing ladies who worked hard for months to compete at Muscle Beach,” said Kon Jystad, owner of the gym (center in photo). “The competition is a fun way to motivate members to set goals and work to meet them.” 
The women  got into shape using fun exercises, personal training, food assessment plan, and intermittent fasting. No gimmicks, no pills, no diet restrictions, no supplements, said Jystad. “Just all natural, fun and great support system. If you are interested, come by Shirlee’s— see how you can do it too!
Shirlee’s Ultimate Women’s Gym has two acres of indoor and outdoor fitness and offers an extensive schedule of classes as well as personal training.  “Shirlee’s offers a positive atmosphere for women of all ages and fitness levels,” says Jystad. “Our motto is look better, feel better, be better. I’m thrilled that when I suggested this competition to our members, these two ladies stepped up, worked hard for six months, and walked home with a medal.”
The gym is located at 1275 West Foothill in Upland. More information on the gym can be found at or by calling (909) 985-6400. The gym offers tours and a free pass to try out both the facilities and classes.  Info on the Muscle Beach competitions can be found at
Thank you Darcie and Jennifer for sharing your stories and inspiring other women!
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