Muscle Pump

In a slump? Try Muscle Pump! 

Shirlee’s Muscle Pump class challenges all of your major muscle groups with a high-repetition, low-weight workout. Have fun in a group setting working at your own level with hand weights and weighted bars. See your body transform, become more lean, toned and strong. Our instructor energizes and motivates you while class members encourage each other. Whether you are just starting your fitness journey or want to add to your current workout routine, try Muscle Pump at Shirlee’s Ultimate Women’s Gym in Upland.

Health experts advocate weight-bearing exercise to:

  • build stronger muscles
  • increase bone density
  • improve joint mobility
  • burn more calories
  • feel empowered and in a good mood!

Muscle Pump is the perfect class to have fun while working out with weights. Check our Class Schedule for current class times. Thank you to Annette and our our members who let us take video in our Muscle Pump class. If you are interested in joining Shirlee’s, stop by for a tour and a free day pass to try us out. Visit our Membership Page for more info or call (909) 985-6400. We offer 2 acres of fitness just for women and an extensive schedule .

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