February Heart Health Event at Shirlees’s Gym

February is Heart Health Month. Come and join us on Saturday, February 29, 2020, from 12:30-2:00 pm for a free Workshop presented by Dr. Batra. Learn how you can help improve heart health!

RSVP by February 27 at the front desk or by calling (909) 985-6400. 

heart health poster


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Thank You to Our Vendors and Participants

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Shirlee’s Ultimate Women’s Gym hosted an October Charity Fundraising Event on Sat., Oct 19 from 10 am to 3 pm. Thank you to our vendors and those who stopped by and shopped, attended the Zumbathon and bought raffle tickets.  Proceeds will benefit the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life.


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Muscle Beach Vintage Swimsuit Competition Inspires Fitness Journey

Muscle Beach Vintage Swimsuit Competition Inspires Fitness Journey
Shirlee’s Ultimate Women’s Gym in Upland is proud to announce that two of our members placed in the Vintage Swimsuit Class at the Muscle Beach Competition held in Venice Beach, CA, on July 4, 2019. Jennifer Stockton, 56, of Claremont (right in photo) and Darcie Bredeen, 36, of Upland (left) both received medals. It was the first time either had competed in a fitness competition.  Both have been working out and training for the competition at Shirlee’s Ultimate Women’s Gym in Upland since the first of the year. 
The competition for physique type “fit and curvy” requires two poses, “flirty” and “over the shoulder,” while wearing a vintage style swimsuit circa the 1940s and 1950s. Accessories such as hats, gloves, sunglasses, and vintage jewelry are allowed.  “I like the style and thought it would be a fun way to celebrate exceeding my goals,” said Jennifer Stockton, who lost 40 lbs., toned her muscles, and gained confidence over the past six months of training at Shirlee’s Gym.  
“I’ve wanted to compete in figure or bikini for about 12 years now—before I got married I was close at one point, but life happens,” said Darcie Bredeen. “Then I learned about the Vintage Swimsuit Class at Muscle Beach, and I knew that it was more realistic for me to compete in a class that requires the girls to be ‘fit and curvy.’ I still had to work hard, and the confidence was not always there, but I did this competition to prove to myself that I can work hard even when life gets in the way and the results will come with the work I put it.”
“Everyone at Shirlee’s Gym is proud of these two amazing ladies who worked hard for months to compete at Muscle Beach,” said Kon Jystad, owner of the gym (center in photo). “The competition is a fun way to motivate members to set goals and work to meet them.” 
The women  got into shape using fun exercises, personal training, food assessment plan, and intermittent fasting. No gimmicks, no pills, no diet restrictions, no supplements, said Jystad. “Just all natural, fun and great support system. If you are interested, come by Shirlee’s— see how you can do it too!
Shirlee’s Ultimate Women’s Gym has two acres of indoor and outdoor fitness and offers an extensive schedule of classes as well as personal training.  “Shirlee’s offers a positive atmosphere for women of all ages and fitness levels,” says Jystad. “Our motto is look better, feel better, be better. I’m thrilled that when I suggested this competition to our members, these two ladies stepped up, worked hard for six months, and walked home with a medal.”
The gym is located at 1275 West Foothill in Upland. More information on the gym can be found at shirlees.com or by calling (909) 985-6400. The gym offers tours and a free pass to try out both the facilities and classes.  Info on the Muscle Beach competitions can be found at https://www.musclebeachvenice.com/
Thank you Darcie and Jennifer for sharing your stories and inspiring other women!
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Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 12: Give Her 2 Acres Fitness!



Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 12, and if you are wondering what to give that special woman in your family, Shirlee’s Ultimate Women’s Gym in Upland has the answer.  In May we are offering a number of specials that you can purchase as a gift and give with a gift certificate. Stop by for a tour and see all our resort-like features that mom will love.

May also means that school is about to be over for summer.  Teachers and students who want to join for summer may be interested in our Summer Special.

Check out our website to see all we offer, then call (909) 985-6400 for more information. Specials are for new members who like our FB page. Stop by the gym for a tour and FREE day pass to try us out.

Specials for new clients who like our FB page include:

  • Summer Special: 3 months membership for $160
  • 14 Months for $549
  • No Class Pass $39/Month

We have other specials available, so call or stop by today to find a membership that fits your needs. Find out why women come from all over the Inland Valley to join the Ultimate Women’s Gym. 

At the Ultimate Women’s Gym, we do everything in our power to help you achieve your fitness goals and stay in shape for life. We offer more than two acres of resort fitness, a ton of fun and effective classes, certified personal training, and a supportive atmosphere of strong, positive women. View a slideshow of 100 photos showing our gym.

Shirlee’s offers resort-like fitness on two acres with complete strength training and cardio equipment; a group exercise studio; a cycle studio; an outdoor track and fitpark; and a pool/jacuzzi/spa. We are open 365 days a year with convenient hours. Our recently renovated facilities are spotless, well air conditioned, and we have easy parking. We are conveniently located on Foothill Blvd near Mountain Ave. in Upland.

We offer an extensive schedule of Group Classes with everything from Aqua to Zumba taught by enthusiastic instructors who make exercise fun. Our personal trainers are certified and experienced in working with women of all shapes, sizes and abilities. Massage is also available on site.

Read testimonials from our members and Yelp reviews. Then come check us out, take a tour, get a free pass—we think you will love our supportive atmosphere.  We will help you look better, feel better and be better!

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Vintage Swimsuit Competition at Muscle Beach


Shirlee’s Ultimate Women’s Gym in Upland will be helping some of our members to prepare for the Muscle Beach Vintage Swimsuit Fit and Curvy Competition in May. Competing at Muscle Beach is a great way to set a goal for yourself and work to meet it. We are offering special group training sessions and group support. If you would like to learn more about the competition and training for it, please talk to Konnie for more information.  If you do not want to compete, but would like to be part of the group fitness journey, you are welcome to participate as well.  


Members who train for the competition (or just want to participate) will weigh in each week, share training tips, and if they want, train together. 


The competition requires that contestants pose in a vintage one-piece swimsuit. 


If you have never done anything like this before, doing it in a supportive group with other Shirlee’s members is a great way to try something new. And as a bonus, if you do decide to compete, Shirlee’s will pay half ($50) of the $100 competition entry fee.


Whether you plan to compete in the Vintage Swimsuit Competition or just want to get in shape for swimsuit season,  good luck to all our lovely ladies who are working toward a fitness goal!  The competition is May 27  or July 4 at Muscle Beach and you can find out more at the Muscle Beach website. 

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Muscle Pump

In a slump? Try Muscle Pump! 

Shirlee’s Muscle Pump class challenges all of your major muscle groups with a high-repetition, low-weight workout. Have fun in a group setting working at your own level with hand weights and weighted bars. See your body transform, become more lean, toned and strong. Our instructor energizes and motivates you while class members encourage each other. Whether you are just starting your fitness journey or want to add to your current workout routine, try Muscle Pump at Shirlee’s Ultimate Women’s Gym in Upland.

Health experts advocate weight-bearing exercise to:

  • build stronger muscles
  • increase bone density
  • improve joint mobility
  • burn more calories
  • feel empowered and in a good mood!

Muscle Pump is the perfect class to have fun while working out with weights. Check our Class Schedule for current class times. Thank you to Annette and our our members who let us take video in our Muscle Pump class. If you are interested in joining Shirlee’s, stop by for a tour and a free day pass to try us out. Visit our Membership Page for more info or call (909) 985-6400. We offer 2 acres of fitness just for women and an extensive schedule .

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Thank You for Supporting Charity Event

Watch video from our Zumbathon above. Thank you to all who supported our Gift of Giving Holiday Boutique on Saturday, December 1. Support from the event benefitted:

  • San Antonio Regional Hospital’s Women’s Breast & Imaging Center
  • Red Cross Blood Drive
  • Muscle Beach Toy Drive

We appreciate all our vendors who set up tables for the day; our raffle donors; our instructors who put on a Zumbathon; our caterer; the OC Refugees band who provided music; and our members who came out in support. Watch the video above of our Zumbathon  and see the slideshow below.   


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Cycle Your Way to Fitness

Want to:

  • burn off tons of calories
  • improve cardio
  • tone your legs and butt
  • have fun at the same time?

Then try Ultimate Cycle at Shirlee’s Gym in Upland. 

If you think cycling only makes sense outside, think again. Join our dedicated group of members who work out in our Ultimate Cycle studio. Led by our enthusiastic instructor, these ladies have a blast pumping pedals to the beat of music and flashing lights.

Cycling is one of the most effective ways to shed weight because it burns up to 500 calories in a 40-minute session.  If you have never tried, it, don’t be intimidated.  Our bikes adjust easily, so you can work at your own level and pick up your pace as you get stronger.  The women in our Ultimate Cycle class are a friendly, inspiring group. 

If you want to try out our bikes, here are some tips:

  • Come to class a few minutes early the first couple of times to have your instructor help you adjust the handle bars and the seat. You need to know how to make it fit you correctly. You want to avoid putting too much pressure on your knees or lower back to avoid injury.
  • Bring a towel as you will be sweating
  • Bring a water bottle. 
  • If you feel yourself becoming addicted, invest in a pair of padded shorts. 
  • Start out slowly and work your way up. If you overexert yourself the first time, you may not come back. 
  • If at any time the class seems too intense, just pedal more slowly, take the tension down, or take a break. Do not be embarrassed. No one cares. Really.
  • As with any exercise, talk with your doctor before starting any new exercise regimen, especially if you have health issues. 
  • Let your instructor know if you are having trouble with the resistance knob or the general technique. She will be more than happy to help.
  • Keep track of your heart rate as you go to make sure you are not overtaxing yourself . . . and to track your improvement over the weeks.

Fitness experts agree that a varied routine is best. Shirlee’s has tons of cardio options. Get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Hop on a bike and give it a spin. 

Check out the 15-second video above to see the class in action.

Thank you to our instructor Annette and her class for letting us take video in our Ultimate Cycle class. You ladies rock.   

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Shirlee’s Limited Edition Tees $20

Support City of Hope with a 2018 Shirlee’s Tee

Shirlee’s Ultimate Women’s Gym is proud to offer a new T-shirt for 2018 with proceeds going to support the City of Hope. The design comes on both v-neck and a racer-back tees in sizes S, M, L, XL, or XXL.

Our 2018 t-shirts can be ordered at the front desk for a limited time for $20. Stop by the front desk and order yours soon!

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