Phase 1 Reopening!

All of us at Shirlee’s Gym are happy to announce that we are making plans to open under Phase 1 rules!  We miss you, and we have been working hard to do everything we can to open in a manner that is safe and compliant with rules issued by the state and the county. Our gym is treasured by our Members and our Employees.  To keep it open and safe, we are asking for everyone’s cooperation and patience.  By working together in a responsible manner, we can assure that this special gym returns to being an oasis where women strengthen mind, body and spirit. 

In order to use Shirlee’s during Phase 1, you will need to review and agree to an Addendum to your contract and will need to pay a temporary $10/month sanitation fee that helps to cover our added costs associated with fighting COVID-19.  The fee will be collected on a Member’s first gym visit for the month. Please read through the policies and ask us any questions you may have. You can call (909) 985-6400 or email As a locally owned small business, we truly appreciate your help in meeting the challenges presented by the pandemic.  Without your support we could not reopen. We look forward to welcoming you back and helping you stay ShirleeStrong during this unprecedented time.  


Phase 1 Temporary Club Hours By Appointment Only

During Phase 1, which begins 6/22, we will have special hours available for you to make an appointment

Mon-Friday— 8 am – 1 pm & 5 pm – 9 pm
Sat 8 am – 1 pm
Sun Closed

Please make a gym reservation by using the app or by calling (909) 985-6400.

View a short video on what to expect.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

We have deep cleaned and sanitized our facilities inside and outside and even put new water in the pool! Everything is sparkling.  We will be taking extra efforts to clean throughout the day, and we ask your cooperation in helping us.

Before you come:

  • Please shower before coming to the gym.
  • Please wear freshly laundered gym clothes. Please note that the locker room/showers will be closed except to use the bathroom.  
  • Do not bring in any outside items if possible. 
  • Do not bring in any outside food or water. We will supply water bottles. 
  • If you must bring in a yoga mat, please sanitize it before and after use. 

We have set up sanitizing stations at the entrance and throughout the gym. We are also making available small spray bottles of sanitizer as well as paper towels that you may use. 

  • Sanitize your hands upon entering and upon leaving the gym.
  • Sanitize any equipment you touch before and after using.
  • Sanitize your hands frequently throughout your workout.
  • If you use the pool, please wash any sanitizer off before entering water. 

Thank you in advance for being conscientious in sanitizing everything you touch so that all of us can protect each other and feel safe. 


Temperature Check

For everyone’s safety, we have instructed Employees to come to work only if they and the people they live with are well.  We ask all Members to abide by this rule as well. If you feel at all unwell or are coughing, stay home!  To use the gym in Phase 1, you will be required to have your temperature checked upon entering the gym. Thank you for your cooperation in taking this precaution.  


Social Distancing

Public health guidelines require that we limit the number of Members in the gym overall and in each area so that individuals can maintain the physical distancing. To comply, we are implementing an appointment system.  

Learn how to make an appointment using the new app here.  You can also call the desk to make an appointment. 

During Phase 1, we are able to open most areas of the gym, but not all. The locker room will be closed except to use the bathroom.  There will be no changing areas, no use of lockers, and no showers.  The pool area will be limited to the pool itself—the sauna and jacuzzi remain closed.

All other areas of the gym will have limits, which will be posted on a sign at each area.  Please note the limit and enter an area only if it means the limit will not be exceeded. In addition, please try to maintain the maximum distancing from others that you can.  

Because appointments are limited, we ask that you respect other members by keeping your appointment and if you must cancel, do so a minimum of 24 hours in advance.  We are implementing a $10 no-show policy for missed appointments.  If you miss a personal training appointment, a session will be pulled.  If you have any questions, please contact Konnie.  This policy will help ensure that everyone has a fair chance. 

Each gym appointment is for a maximum of 1.5 hours.  Please keep track of the time and do not overstay your scheduled time.  Thank you.  


Pool Reservation

Because the pool is limited to 4 people at a time, we are requiring an additional reservation to use the pool.  If you want to use the pool, reserve your time slot at the gym using the app, then in addition, call the desk (909) 985-6400 to sign up for a pool time slot.  If you have a pool reservation, you will be allowed to bring a towel into the gym, but we ask that you make sure it is freshly laundered.  Please note that we are not allowed to open the locker room for changing or showering. You may rinse off in the outdoor shower. Our pool is sparkling clean with new fresh water and we ask that you help to keep it that way by showering before you come, putting on any suntan lotion a minimum of a half hour before entering the pool, and rinsing off any hand sanitizer before entering.  Thank you for taking these extra steps. 



We know that wearing masks, especially when working out, is not all that fun!  But we also know that wearing masks protects all of us. Following health guidelines, we are requiring  Employees to wear masks when they are around others, and we are asking Members to do the same.  Please be respectful of our community and wear a mask over mouth and nose.  Remember that masks do not replace the need for physical distance and sanitizing. Ladies, we would love to see all your lovely faces! But we want to keep everyone safe.  So, for now, bring your mask and wear it if you are near others.  Thank you!  



Because of social distancing requirements, for now classes held at the gym will be limited to our outside court area.  You will need to make an appointment using the App or by calling.  We will continue to also offer online classes, which will now also accessed over the new App.  The schedule will be subject to change so please check the App or call the desk.  Ladies, we know you are eager for classes to start again!   We are, too! Our instructors miss you!  Please have patience as we work out what is feasible.  


We are Here for You! 

Members, we know how frustrating the limits placed on us during the pandemic can be.  We apologize for any inconvenience, and want to assure you that we are working hard to make our gym reopening the best experience we can make it. These measures are temporary.  If you have concerns or questions, contact us. We appreciate your patience, understanding and support. Let’s get through this together. 






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