Class Schedule

In Observance of Father’s Day Sunday,

June 17, 2018, We are Open from 8am- 1pm.

Class Schedule Sunday, June 17, 2018

9am Ultimate Cycle w/ Susan

10am Core N Floor w/ Susan




  • Be on time.  Entering a class in progress more than 10 minutes late is not recommended.
  • Do not enter the classroom before the current class is finished.  Reserving spaces or bikes is not permitted.
  • Be considerate of other members’ exercise and space.  Keep conversations to a minimum.
  • Please be aware of personal hygiene and refrain from wearing perfume and cologne.
  • Silence your phone.
  • Let the instructor know of any physical limitations or conditions.
  • Any questions or comments regarding the class/ instructor-please refer to our suggestion box.










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To print the class schedule, please click this link SCHEDULE2018C

For questions or suggestions, please contact  Annette.



We make fitness fun!