Shirlee’s Before and After

Slowly But Shirlee’s: Our Very Own Make-Over

Have you ever been shocked by before-and-after pictures? You know, when a plain out-of-shape “before” gets transformed into a confident, attractive “after?”

Sometimes the transformations are so dramatic you wonder if the photos are even of the same person. Before-and-after photos inspire us because we think: “If she could do it, then I can, too!”

At Shirlee’s we share before-and-after photos of members to show you just what is possible with the right attitude and discipline.  But we also want to show you a different before-and-after: this one of Shirlee’s Fitness Club itself!

As most members know, the space that is now Shirlee’s used to be The Spa, Fitness for Women.  When The Spa closed in November 2011, the new owner decided to give the gym a complete makeover. He put together a video highlighting the changes. We hope you get a kick out of it and share our pride in what we have accomplished.

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