Shirlee’s Shop Opens

Get Your Shirlee’s Gear Here

Shirlee’s Shop is now open! We offer exclusive designs on t-shirts, bags, buttons, cups, water bottles, iphone cases, magnets, and a ton of other items through Zazzle. What’s cool about Zazzle is that their products are not massed produced, so you are in control of how you customize your item.

Tees range from a basic value tee to a variety of fitted woman’s styles to tanks, hoodies, and even kids and baby tees. Some designs work well on a white background, others can be placed on dark shirts. A ton of colors are offered. Most designs allow you to further customize your shirt by adding your own text.

Because each item is custom made, Zazzle’s starting price is sometimes a little higher, but the good news is that they often have coupon codes. The best way to find a current code is to Google “Zazzle Coupon Code.”

If you want to be informed of sales, put your email in the “Exclusive Offers” box at the bottom of the Zazzle page. They will not share your email, but they will send you great coupon codes!

We are opening Shirlee’s Shop with some retro designs. Designs are by our webmaster, who is a Shirlee’s member. If you have an idea for a design, or want a design on a certain product, please let us know. We will be adding new designs, so check back soon.

By the way, Zazzle is a great place to make your own custom products . . . great for the holidays. If you buy more than one item per year from Zazzle, you should check out Zazzle Black, which lets you ship free for a year for $9.95.





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