Shirlee’s Support Two Worthy Causes

Music Movement Autism Nonprofit & Muscle Beach Restoration Projects

Every year Shirlee’s Ultimate Women’s Gym in Upland, CA, helps to raise money for worthy causes. In 2018, Shirlee’s will be supporting two new causes: Music Movement and Muscle Beach Plaque Restoration. We will have a raffle to win a TV with tickets of $5 a ticket or 5 tickets for $20. Buy your raffle tickets at the front desk. 

Music Movement

Music Movement is a nonprofit that provides music programs for children and young adults with autism and learning disabilities. For the next couple of months, for every new membership and every new personal training or massage session purchased, Shirlee’s will donate a portion to Music Movement.

“Music does for the mind what exercise does for the body,” said Shirlee’s owner Kon Vong. “We at Shirlee’s are happy to support a group that uses the power of music to help those with autism. My first instrument was a violin. Then I played flute and drums. I was fortunate that my school provided programs for me. I can imagine how helpful it will be for special needs children to get music lessons.” Members can also support Music Movement by making a donation. Shirlee’s goal is to raise $1,000. To learn more about this nonprofit, visit


Muscle Beach Walk of Fame

Shirlee’s Gym will also be helping with the Muscle Beach Walk of Fame Plaque Restoration Project. Muscle Beach in Venice, CA, is often called the heart and soul of bodybuilding and fitness for the famous outdoor weight area where many body builders train and for events put on there. The beach also has a Hall of Fame with bronze plaques honoring fitness luminaries. However, the corrosive effects of sea air has taken a toll. A Go Fund Me campaign to renovate the area has been started, and Shirlee’s Ultimate Women’s Gym is contributing. “I am participating in a competition at Muscle Beach again this year,” Kon Vong said. “Muscle Beach has inspired people for decades, and we in the fitness community want to help support this iconic place.”

For more information on the Muscle Beach restoration, please visit

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