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  • I absolutely love this gym. I have joined other gyms in the past and to me, nothing compares to this one. When I first walked in I fell inlove. Such a CLEAN and FRIENDLY atmosphere. The owners, managers and staff are so friendly and kind and are always there to help you with whatever you need. If you need advice, help, or just somebody to talk to, they are there 100% for you. I joined in July and this is the longest I have ever stayed at a gym and stuck to a routine. They offer a large variety of classes for whatever your needs are. I love the spin and aerobics classes and all of the instructors here. They all know what they’re doing and always push you to your hardest. No one here lets you give up and that’s what I love about this gym. I can come here and be myself and there are no judgements. They also let me have my bake sale and with their help we raised $1000 for the Salvation Army. This gym loves their community, and is great with charity work! They have done food drives, blood drives and have helped with cancer walks and I think it’s so wonderful that they give back to their community. I also enjoy the fact that it’s a women’s only gym. The pool is great for water aerobics and doing laps. There’s also a sauna and a spa. I enjoy sitting in the spa after a hard workout. There’s also a track, and an outdoor workout facility. I love the outdoors and it’s my favorite place to workout. Sara W. Rancho Cucamonga
  • Outstanding women’s gym! Updated, state of the art equipment, excellent personal trainers and lots of classes. Great value! Love it! Pat C. La Verne
  • If you want a gym for women, then look no further. Why a woman’s gym? Well, this may not apply to guys, but women can feel very uncomfortable and intimidated working out at a majority male gym & thus don’t get the workout, stress-release, and benefits they want from a gym. Shirlee’s is a family place where you can come to the gym and feel comfortable. The bathroom, changing, locker, & shower area are very clean and lovely. There are many wonderful machines for cardio: rowing machines(!!), great stationary bikes(!!), ellipticals, treadmills, stair machines, & more. They also have a “Curves” type of strength training room which is largely low impact and has “air” machines (the resistance comes from air pressure and not weight). They also have a weight room which I love! They have some machines that I know they don’t have at 24! I have never really had to wait for a machine either. My favorite part is the outdoor gym area: You can run around the track which is made from rubberized cement, I believe. There is trees and grass and shade and beauty. You double your oxygen intake (cuz you’re outdoors) and you can connect with nature. There is an outdoor workout cabana area where you can do cardio or weights. I LOVE IT! The pool and jacuzzi are also outdoors. There are plenty of comfortable chairs as well as reclining lounge chairs. It’s a great place to relax! They also are adding a sauna, which is new! MASSAGES! I just had a massage, and it was delicious! I felt so relaxed. The pressure was just right and she kept checking on me to make sure I was comfortable throughout the whole process. She also offered me tea or water after the massage while I sat in one of the reclining chairs. A lovely experience. Yep. It’s my gym! Mary, Upland
  • Other reviewers have given the back story on how Shirlee’s came to be, so I’ll go straight to the good stuff: This is a first-class fitness club for women. I’m a gym rat and love my workouts, particularly classes, and Shirlee’s has a complete schedule of over 40 classes per week, with more being added soon. These include yoga, Zumba, spin, aqua, and step, plus several weight and toning classes. The instructors are outstanding and very encouraging for the members who represent a wide array of fitness levels. Personal training is available. For those who like to do their own thing there are plenty of cardio and weight machines, and a 1/8 mile outdoor track. The renovation is beautiful, inside and out, and the new owner, Gary Peterson, has taken great care to hire a staff that puts customer service as Job One. With fresh flowers and smiling faces in the reception area, Shirlee’s feels like home. Martha, Claremont
  • As an employee of Shirlee’s I have to say it is a great place to work. I love working with the beautiful members and staff. Chris is so right in her review…this is NOT The Spa. Gary did a fantastic job making a beautiful place for women to workout. He is offering everything from Aqua to Zumba. He still is not finished with his dreams. The best part is that all of us get to be a part of it. If you are looking for a gym and are female…..look no further…Shirlee’s is the place to be. Colleen, Rancho Cucamonga
  • Love this place. You get what you pay for. Super clean facilities, great equipment and wonderful staff.
  • The facilities are SUPER clean. I don’t have to worry about catching ringworm or who knows what from the equipment. It also smells fresh too! I dare you to walk into a Crunch or Fitness 19 after visiting Shirlee’s. You will instantly notice the gross sweaty man smells from those places compared to the clean fresh air at Shirlee’s. The thing you least expect from a place like this is a sense of community. You will instantly form bonds and friends from attending classes regularly. This is not one of those country club cliquey kind of places. This is a place where you will meet and workout with some of the most down to earth, real, friendly, and great women of all ages. I can go on forever about why I am so passionate about this gym, but I’ll stop at this. I always highly recommend this gym to my lady friends, there is no incentive for members to recruit (no free massages, or free anything for getting friends to join…I have recruited 4). I recommend this place because I truly believe this gym is a sanctuary and a hidden gem. Erika P., Upland
  • Shirlee’s is unlike ANY health club for women I have EVER experienced, and I’ve had memberships at more than I can count! Shirlee’s is by far the most all-encompassing health “resort” you will ever find, and once you walk in you won’t want to leave! The staff is amazingly knowledgeable and friendly and there everything is state of the art, always fresh, clean and never a wait! Shirlee’s is no doubt the place to get your body in the best shape of your life, and have the time of your life doing it! I give it the full 5 stars but would give it 1000 more if I could! Terry P, Lomita