Vintage Swimsuit Competition at Muscle Beach


Shirlee’s Ultimate Women’s Gym in Upland will be helping some of our members to prepare for the Muscle Beach Vintage Swimsuit Fit and Curvy Competition in May. Competing at Muscle Beach is a great way to set a goal for yourself and work to meet it. We are offering special group training sessions and group support. If you would like to learn more about the competition and training for it, please talk to Konnie for more information.  If you do not want to compete, but would like to be part of the group fitness journey, you are welcome to participate as well.  


Members who train for the competition (or just want to participate) will weigh in each week, share training tips, and if they want, train together. 


The competition requires that contestants pose in a vintage one-piece swimsuit. 


If you have never done anything like this before, doing it in a supportive group with other Shirlee’s members is a great way to try something new. And as a bonus, if you do decide to compete, Shirlee’s will pay half ($50) of the $100 competition entry fee.


Whether you plan to compete in the Vintage Swimsuit Competition or just want to get in shape for swimsuit season,  good luck to all our lovely ladies who are working toward a fitness goal!  The competition is May 27  or July 4 at Muscle Beach and you can find out more at the Muscle Beach website. 

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