Why It’s a Good Idea to Splurge on a Gym

Invest in You
If you live the in Inland Valley and you are looking for a gym to join, how do you sort through all the options to find the right one? Here in Upland, Claremont and surrounding areas, we have so many choices! Everything from a resort with an Olympic pool and tennis courts to chain gyms that seem to pop up (and shut down) overnight, to small specialized spaces in industrial parks. Prices vary from under $20 a month to 20 times that much! 
Shirlee’s Ultimate Gym for Women in Upland sits in the middle of the price spectrum.  We are not the most expensive, but neither are we the least expensive. We have a loyal membership of women who have been coming to our all-women’s gym for years, some for decades if you count the time before it changed ownership. Why are are these women so loyal and willing to pay a little more when they have less expensive options? 
The answer: because they decided they are worth it!
A recent article online in Thrillist explains one woman’s reasoning about why it is worth it to pay a little more to join a better gym. After years of working out at discount gyms with “showers I refused to step in,” she switched to an upscale gym. She loved it. Cleaner showers, better classes, top-notch equipment, and trainers who could give her real advice. Instead of dreading the gym, she looked forward to going!
At Shirlee’s we offer far more amenities than less expensive gyms. We have two acres with a view of the mountains and plenty of parking. Indoors, we have a strength training room, a cardio room, a circuit area, and an air-conditioned class studio. Outdoors, we have a heated pool, sauna, jacuzzi, track, and fit park with workout cabanas.  Everything is kept spotless. 
More important than the physical space, however, Shirlee’s offers something no other gym has:  a supportive all-women’s atmosphere.  Women of all shapes, sizes, abilities and ages are welcome. Shirlee’s is a no-judgement zone. Class instructors and trainers work with you according to your individual needs.  Members think of Shirlee’s as an oasis of positivity where they can work out mind, body and soul. 
Shirlee’s offers a FREE trial pass so prospective members can come and see for themselves. We invite you to stop by for a tour, get a free pass, and then come work out with us.  Take a class, try our equipment, and talk to our members.  We think you will agree a membership at Shirlee’s Ultimate Women’s Gym member is a good way to invest in yourself so you can look better, feel better and be better. You are worth it!